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Meet the Candidates at NCTV17
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I look forward to the Meet The Candidates series every election cycle. To me, it’s the epitome of what community television is all about. NCTV17 is hyper-local and so are the municipal-level elections, yet many people don’t pay attention to them. By providing solid information from the candidates in a video-friendly format, I hope people will take time to listen to the candidates–some of whom will become our next city leaders.

With Meet The Candidates series, the goal is to provide unbiased information about the candidates running for Naperville City Council, the School Boards for districts 203 and 204, and the Naperville Park District. What better way to do that then to offer an opportunity to every candidate to share a little bit about themselves and their platform?

I want people to hear directly from the candidates, unfiltered by any influences or by differences in question. Thus, each candidate gets the same ones. I just tried to provide a friendly face for them all to talk too.

To run for a local seat on a board or council is a much bigger task than most appreciate, and I am curious why some people choose to run. For some, a single issue drove them to seek election. Others have a strong interest in how the schools, park district, or city is run. And some have a deep desire to give back to the community they love.

The last question is my favorite: a fun fact or something that most people don’t know about the candidate. I ask this question to help bring some warmth, reflection, and sometimes laughter to the interview. I want folks to see the person behind the candidate and learn something new and interesting about them. I think the candidates appreciate it because it gives them time to reflect and really think about a significant moment in their life, a fun hobby, or a special person in their life.

I want the viewers to think of Meet The Candidates as “Meet Our Neighbors.” They are your fellow residents running to serve on a board or council that will make decisions that impact your quality of life far more than the national elections. I want to make sure NCTV17, as your local community television station, gives them the spotlight they deserve.

And after you’ve watched the Meet the Candidates interviews, please join me for live election coverage on Tuesday, April 6 beginning at 9pm on NCTV17.

– Liz Spencer, NCTV17 Executive Director