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As we reach the mid-way point of summer, many Napervillians hit the road for a summer holiday or a trip to visit relatives. NCTV17 keeps you connected to your hometown when you’re on the go and keeps you in the know about what’s happening in Naperville – even when your travels take you away!

All of the station’s programming can be watched via simulcast and on-demand video at So whether you are on a plane or relaxing by a pool you can watch the news or your favorite talk show or the Thursday night Municipal Band concert right from your mobile device, tablet or laptop.

And for those who want a daily reminder about what’s going on, sign up to receive our free NCTV17 News Update via email. That will ensure you’re the first to know what’s happening around town even when you’re not in town!

Another way residents can find out more about their community is by ‘listening’ to an NCTV17 Podcast. Side note: the term “podcasting” is a portmanteau made from “iPod” and “broadcast.” Since 2012, the percent of Americans who listen to podcasts every month has grown from 12% to 21%, and that number is still climbing.

So why is NCTV17 doing Podcasts?

Well, there are times when viewers simply cannot watch our video content (or at least not safely): when they run, when they are driving the car, or when they are cutting the grass.

However, through the magic of an RSS feed, a cell phone and a pair of earbuds, you can listen to any of our talk show programming via Podcast.

Whether your interests lie in conversations about money tips for teens with Anita Knotts of Lotus Women’s Institute, or how to avoid the E.R. this summer (and who doesn’t!) with tips from Dr. Hyung Kim of Edward Hospital, or how to buy the best food for your pet with advice from AdreAnne & Andy Tesene of Two Bostons, NCTV17 has you covered.

You can check out the latest Podcast episodes on our website or subscribe to NCTV17 Podcasts on any of these platforms Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

So, when you pack the minivan and head out for the long drive to grandma’s house, we hope you’ll take NCTV17 with you!