Where are you now Christine Lena?

Christine Lena at NCTV17 and today
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Christine Lena worked as a multimedia news reporter at NCTV17 from 2016 to 2019. Today, she works as the Digital Storyteller at Metropolitan Family Services. She is their videographer and editor, creating videos that tell the stories of clients and staff to share how the agency is empowering Chicago-area families with behavioral health services, education, economic stability, and more. Christine recently answered questions about her experiences at NCTV17:

Why did you want to work for NCTV17?

When I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Journalism from Western Michigan University, I found out about the weekend reporter job at NCTV17. I knew it would be the perfect way to enter the media field that I had grown to love through my college courses.

What was your favorite NCTV17 news story?

It was definitely when I did a story on the 30th anniversary of the Lima Lima flight team. I got to fly in a small yellow plane over Naperville, and I remember feeling that it was a very special moment as a local news reporter.

What skills are you using in your current job that you learned at NCTV17?

I get to use so many skills that I learned through NCTV17; it’s hard to list them all! From professional communication and interviewing skills to technical camera work and video editing, I was able to grow in so many areas of media production, and they are vital components to my current job as a Digital Storyteller.

Best book you’ve read recently?

I’ve been reading “Starting Point” By Hayao Miyazaki. It’s a collection of essays and interviews from award-winning filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. It is such a great source of inspiration as a creative. He talks about his process and ways to approach crafting a story. If you love being creative in writing, art, film, etc. I would highly recommend it.