Gold Coin In Casey’s Kettle | 60 Months Free Pizza | Melting Pot in Sweet Viral Post

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Gold Coin In Casey’s Kettle:

Christmas came early at Casey’s Foods when an anonymous donor dropped a gold coin into the Salvation Army Red Kettle outside the shop. The one-ounce 1978 South African Krugerrand was found Tuesday, wrapped in a $2 bill. It’s valued at around $1600. The gold coin drop in Naperville has become a long-standing tradition, dating back at least 20 years. The donation will go to the Salvation Army Aurora Corps, which helps provide food, shelter and assistance to those in need.

60 Months Free Pizza:

Naperville resident Chip Wagner will have all the pizza he needs for the next 5 years. In honor of Aurelio’s Pizza celebrating their 60th year in business, the pizza chain held a contest to give away 60 months of free pizza online or in-store – and Wagner was chosen to be the big cheese. Aurelio’s CEO Joe Aurelio presented the free pizza certificates to Wagner, who’ll be saving a lot of dough.

Christmas Exhibit At Naper Settlement:

A new exhibit at Naper Settlement is giving visitors a look through the years at a timeless holiday poem. With the help of a local chapter of the organization “The Golden Glow of Christmas Past,” the museum has assembled dozens of editions of the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and displayed them around the Preemption House. Some of the books date back as late as the 1800s, while others are more modern adaptations. Each is turned to a different page and surrounded by antiques and other items taken from lines of the poem. There’s even a reading nook for those who want to pick up a copy and enjoy the story themselves. The exhibit is on display until December 22, just in time to wish a “Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.”

Melting Pot in Sweet Viral Post:

A Naperville restaurant has gone viral for serving a special birthday treat. This twitter post by Yazmin Barreto shows a birthday dessert she received on Friday when dining out at the The Melting Pot on Route 59. The 19-year-old is a vegan – so instead of cake, she was surprised by her server with a candle-adorned single slice of banana. Her twitter post on the sweet gesture went viral and has already racked up over 67,000 likes and over 8,000 retweets. And for those wondering – that chocolate was vegan as well.