Naperville Now 01-17-19

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Polo Club Development Open House:

Last night, residents of south Naperville and Plainfield got a look at the newest revision to the Polo Club development, a new subdivision proposed for the land between 119th Street and Book Road. The updated plan reduces the total number of units to 500, a 30 percent decrease from the original pitch. Additionally, the apartments in the plan have now been replaced by townhomes. Still, residents at the open house held at the 95th Street Library voiced concerns on density, as this development comes in at 4.5 households per acre, while the neighboring South Pointe subdivision is only 1.9 per acre. Residents were able to leave comments, which developer D.R. Horton will take into consideration as they continue to work on the proposal.

Mall of India Construction Underway:

Construction is underway on the Mall of India, a new shopping, food and business center moving into the space on Route 59 previously occupied by Walmart. The 116,000-square-foot building has sat vacant for five years, but is now being revamped by Purohit Architects into an indoor mall geared toward Indian-Americans, with a grocery store, small businesses, and a food court. The mall is slated to open in July.

Turning Pointe Classrooms Addition:

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation has begun the build-out of four new classrooms, converting over 8,000 square feet of multipurpose area into new, dedicated spaces for their day school program. The new classrooms will allow Turning Pointe to double the amount of kids who can enroll in their day school program, and should be complete by the end of spring.

Wehrli Made Assistant Minority Leader:

And a final note about one of our area politicians. Yesterday, State Representative Grant Wehrli was appointed to serve on the Illinois House Republican Team as Assistant Minority Leader for the 101st General Assembly. He’s served in the Illinois House since 2015.