12-Year-Old Electronic Music Composer

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“I was at a friend’s house and I was listening to a playlist and I heard this really interesting song that was electronic and then that just kind of brought a spark into my mind and I researched about it and started playing with it,” said 12-year-old Sid Goswami.

That spark came just two years ago, and now Sid has composed a full house music album under the stage name “Acidic Base.”

“When he was a baby, I could make out that he had an interest in music because he would dance to a certain tune,” said Shaleena Daisy, Sid’s mom. “So I knew he had something in him about music. But at the age of six we put him in a piano class and then he started learning piano.”

After six years of piano lessons, Sid added the guitar, drums, violin, and even an organ to his list of instruments.

“So I’ll be messing around at the piano or the guitar and I’ll stumble upon an interesting chord progression. And then I’ll just plug it into the computer, mess around with it, add different synths, play around with the actual chord, and then continue making the song from there,” explained Sid.

The eighth grader built his in-house studio to compose and experiment with electronic sounds and synths.

“It’s a bit more freedom than playing pieces that are already laid out,” he added. “Because then you can pick and choose what sounds [and] what notes are more interesting, instead of having to stick to this strict guideline that the composer of a certain piece gives you.”

Sid unveiled his first album this past December, which received 15,000 listeners on Spotify within a month of release.

He’s hoping to continue composing, with the ultimate goal of performing live as a DJ, once his parents say he’s old enough.

You can check out Acidic Base’s full album on SoundCloud, Spotify, And Google Play Music, and Apple Music.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.