2019 Budget Adds More Full-Time Employees

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Naperville city staff presented the remainder of the proposed 2019 City Budget at the most recent city council budget workshop.

After receiving reports on the library, Naper Settlement, and economic development, council discussed the net addition of five full-time employees.

“If we did not think that we needed those positions to provide the right level of service to the community, we would not put them in,” said City Manager Doug Krieger.

The proposal adds nine full-time workers and cuts four custodial positions. Three and a half of the positions are in the I.T. department, where they will work to combat cyber-security threats.

“We have software, we set the software and look at issues as they arise,” said Jeff Anderson, director of I.T. for the City of Naperville. “No one is looking at any of this proactively, trying to stay out ahead of current threats. We are simply reacting to threats as they arrive on our doorstep.”

Other additions include a communications specialist for the city manager’s office and a new deputy director in the police department.

Some councilmembers questioned whether the work needed to be done by full-time employees.

“We’ve had a discussion before that, what’s the possibility you could do it with part-time?” asked Councilman Paul Hinterlong.

But Mayor Steve Chirico said the new positions would improve service levels, which is a big priority for residents.

“I’m comfortable with where we’re at,” said Chirico. “I’m comfortable with the five full-time employee increases. I’ve definitely heard from enough residents at this point about the service levels. The full-time employee [total] that we have today is significantly less than what we’ve had in the last several years.”

Council agreed that a third budget workshop probably isn’t necessary. After staff makes the changes, the final budget will be presented at the December 4 council meeting.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.