A Picture Perfect Partnership For Naperville Couple

February 14, 2022
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“Boy it’s been so much fun building our thing, together,” said Jeffrey Ross. “It’s rewarding to build our thing together,” said Catherine Ross.

Picture Perfect Partnership

Husband and wife duo Jeffrey and Catherine Ross followed their hearts and combined each of their creative skills to start a business together back in 2014. Catherine’s graphic design experience complemented her commercial photographer husband’s skills. And so, Ross Creative Works was born.

The two first crossed paths at a Young Professionals Network conference in Florida for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. “And I ran into this redhead,” said Jeffrey. “And I was part of the statewide North Dakota Young Professionals Network at the time. I was actually running that organization, and we hit it off,” said Catherine.

The picture perfect romance started in 2008, with the couple dating long distance for a couple of years since Catherine lived in North Dakota. “I actually moved to Naperville on Valentine’s Day, 11 years ago now,” said Catherine. “I drove her U-Haul from North Dakota and that’s how that happened,” said Jeffrey.

Building a Business

Since that fateful day the couple’s love continued to grow. They became the Rosses in 2013, then began to build Ross Creative Works a year later.

“The business has really evolved since we started,” said Catherine. “When I started my side of the business I was really focused on graphic design and creating visual assets for people. And it has since evolved into a full service marketing agency.” The design and commercial photography team creates powerful imagery, marketing, and advertising – something the couple believes they do successfully because of their teamwork.

“Having two people that work in creative fields but see things slightly differently will come [to] a project from different points of view, but complement each other really well,” said Jeffrey.

“I like how we have opportunities to build something together because bringing in Jeffrey’s perspective, it’s always a little bit different than mine. He always has a fresh take on something and I feel like we really complement each other well,” said Catherine. “I think because one person will usually think of something the other person didn’t think of and that has been one of the most rewarding parts about being in business together.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.