Batting Order

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In this game, one player from each team is selected as the Clue Giver. The other three stand facing the audience. Danielle will show the Clue Giver a series of words that begin with the same letter. The first person in line is given a clue using gestures and words to describe the thing/action, but the Clue Giver cannot use any part of the actual word. Then the second person in line is given a clue and has to guess the word. BUT when they get it right, they have to recite the first persons answer FIRST…and THEN give their answer before the third clue can be given to the final player in line. All guessers must repeat all previous words in the chain, in order, before giving their final answer. Who will win, Team NorthCubs or Team SouthSox? Watch to find out!

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Episode 5 Host: Danielle Tufano of 95.9 The River


  • Karen Coleman
  • Kevin Tyschper
  • Phillip Wilkey
  • Casey Breese McCormick

  • Miranda Barfuss
  • Mario Lambert
  • Celeste Sentman
  • Dave Miller