Benedictine Freezes Tuition for 2019-20

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A new tuition policy gives Benedictine University students a break heading into next year.

The university announced it is freezing tuition and fees for the 2019-20 school year.

“That was a conscious decision we made,” said BU President Charles W. Gregory. “We took a look at what is right for Benedictine. We really didn’t look at everybody else and everybody talks about the competition. We looked at where we were in the marketplace and what we could do to help”

According to The College Board, tuition rates for private colleges across the country increase by an average of 2.4 percent each year.

“As a student, it makes it really great because it helps keep our education affordable,” said BU sophomore Katelyn Beamish. “College is expensive so any bit helps. So we’re really excited that we can kind of alleviate any financial worries and really focus on our education and our college experience here.”

Ninety-eight percent of all new Benedictine students receive some form of financial assistance. Tuition and fees at the university are currently set at $34,290.

Gregory was recently named the university’s twelfth president after serving as the interim president since August.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.