Big Changes to Downtown Naperville’s Starbucks

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The Downtown Starbucks could soon be serving cocktails along with their coffee.

At the latest Liquor Commission meeting, the Downtown Naperville Starbucks was granted a class b liquor license, to allow them to transform from just a coffee shop to Princi – Starbucks’ new upscale café.

Changes to Downtown Naperville Starbucks

“The reserve bar, which I hope some of you are familiar with, is going to implement certain changes to bring in a substantial food program,” said Zubin Kammula, a lawyer for Starbucks. “And, as part of that food program, what we’re looking is to add incidental liquor service.”

The Starbucks Reserve would still serve coffee in the morning, but come noon, the menu offerings will resemble that of an Italian restaurant.

“On sight will be fresh proofing, fresh baking, many different kinds of pizzas, fichatuas, pastries, bread, salads, soup, we even make our own cannoli cream,” said Operations Manger Taya Stansa.

And along with the new food, come some new drinks.

“You might see a group of three of four customers sitting together. Maybe two of them have coffees one of them has a cocktail and the other one has a glass of wine,” said Stansa.

Timeline for Naperville Starbucks Construction

Starbucks officials said the coffee shop would close anywhere from 30-60 days for it to transform into its new form.

The hours of operation would remain the same.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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