Bubble Bash countdown to 2024 at the DuPage Children’s Museum 

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Children counted down early to a new year at the annual Bubble Bash at the DuPage Children’s Museum. The family-friendly event had all types of fun for children to enjoy.

“We offer different kinds of activities and different ways to enjoy your family,” said Shamra Fallon, Public Programs Manager at the DuPage Children’s Museum. 

Bubble Bash Countdown

The main attraction every year is the confetti countdown to noon, where 20 pounds of confetti is shot into the air. Even after all the confetti has fallen, kids throw it back up to continue the fun.

Bubble Bash also features a music and bubble shower countdown for children who want a different type of fun or a quiet countdown for those who prefer it.

“We want to make sure that everybody is accommodated. Not everybody likes a lot of noise, not everybody likes the feeling of confetti, and not everybody likes the stickiness of bubbles. So by giving more opportunities for kids to come and celebrate in different ways, we’re making sure that they’re enjoying it,” said Fallon.

Additional fun activities

Along with the museum’s exhibits, there were special activities for children to enjoy.

There were indoor snowy sensory activities that included playful soft snow and ice blocks that children could break that had frozen toys.

Bubble Bash also featured a musical performance from Laura Doherty & The Heartbeats and other hands-on activities in which children made wearable art, firework paintings, and confetti poppers.

The museum changes the activities yearly to keep the fun fresh and new.

“This year we did what we call edible sparklers, which are pretzel rods that we put in white frosting and dipped in sprinkles. It’s a nice little snack to get through the morning,” said Fallon.

A continuing tradition

This was the museum’s 21st year of offering family-friendly fun at the Bubble Bash.

We really like to entertain our members and we’re really happy to have people come here,” said Fallon.

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