Camping Trip Close to Home in DuPage

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Itching to get out of the house and into the great outdoors? Look no further than camping your local DuPage County Forest Preserve. And according to the Site Manager, Jay Johnson, you won’t be alone.

Camping has been Popular

“I’ve referred to it with staff as being in Fourth of July mode but all the time so, since April we’ve had areas that have been discovered, or rediscovered by the public and really getting out to enjoy the forest preserve.”

The Blackwell campsite in Warrenville is home to 64 campsite options, all presenting unique settings. In addition, it has a large fishing and boating lake, archery area, a mountain for hiking, and trail access, all close to the family campground.

Best of all, it’s close to home.

Why Go Camping?

“If you have little ones and things aren’t going as planned and you want to call it a day or a night or a short weekend as opposed to a long weekend, you have that capability without a major impact to everybody.”

Johnson’s advice to families is to pack with flexibility in mind. Preparing for multiple types of weathers and terrains will result in a more pleasurable experience camping. He also advises to book in advance on the preserve’s website.

How to Sign Up

“We are encouraging everyone to do it online if possible, do it in advance and right now, for this coming weekend, we’re booked. So that’s a great thing for everybody because it shows just how interested everyone is.”

While showers on site remain closed, many of the more highly trafficked areas and facilities of the campgrounds are reopening, including bathrooms. So even in the great outdoors, there’s still a little indoor comfort.

For more information, visit the DuPage Forest Preserve’s website or call (630) 933-7248

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Kevin Jackman