Chamber Pairs with TEDxNaperville

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The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce always features interesting speakers at their membership luncheons, but this month they paired up with TEDxNaperville to bring a unique twist to the event.

Author and “neuroscience nerd” Lynne Franklin taught the chamber members how using specific language can help them be more persuasive.

“Once you know how somebody thinks, you can do a better job of connecting with them faster and getting them to see hear and feel your ideas and then make a good decision about whether they should be working with you,” said Franklin.

Todd Flaming compared the customization of his kitchen for his exact preferences to how business owners should approach their workplace.

“A lot of times you’ll look at the way your business runs and you’ll say, ‘This is the way a business like this is supposed to run.’ And my first instinct when I hear something like that is you should think about how to do it differently, because if you don’t do it differently, you’re not going to stand out, you’re not going to advance things,” said Flaming.

And finally, world-renowned cellist Ian Maksin entertained the room with some songs from around the world and encouraged them to find inspiration in their own work.

For more information on future Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce events, you can visit their website.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.