Cheesy Surprise

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Volunteers and clients at Loaves & Fishes got a tasty surprise courtesy of Aurelio’s Springbrook Square: a delicious stack of pizzas delivered by Pizza Guy himself.

The pizza chain was founded in 1959 and is celebrating its 59-year anniversary with a campaign to deliver 59 pizza surprises throughout the year.

Aurelio’s Springbrook Square decided Loaves & Fishes was the perfect customer for the surprise, because they wanted to give back to those giving themselves.

“Well, all the volunteers here give back of their time, every week,” said Aurelio’s Springbrook Square Owner Celeste Wagner. “Some of them are here more than once a week. So I really think it’s important to serve the people who serve others.”

Aurelio’s plans to keep the surprises coming. Later this year, they’ll attach golden tickets to random pizza boxes across their 40 locations with the recipients winning a free pizza a week for a year.

Aurelio’s has also surprised the announcers for the Blackhawks, the Chicago Police Department, and a super fan in Mexico.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.