Chicago man charged with Naperville convenience store burglaries

mugshot of Kwan McNeal, accused of convenience store burglaries
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A Chicago man has been charged in connection with two burglaries at the same convenience store in Naperville.

Arrested on a warrant on Wednesday, in another jurisdiction

Officers in another jurisdiction arrested Kwan McNeal, 21, on a warrant on Wednesday, according to a news release by the Naperville Police Department.

What was taken in the two burglaries

Authorities say that McNeal allegedly committed the burglaries on June 5, around 2:47 p.m., and again on June 8, around 8:48 p.m. The crimes took place at a convenience store located on the 500 block of Fairway Drive.

McNeal is accused of stealing multiple bottles of alcohol on both occasions, with a combined value of more than $3,200.

The charges

McNeal has been charged with two counts of burglary, and two counts of retail theft of merchandise exceeding $300.

photo courtesy: handout, Naperville Police Department

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