Chicago women charged with theft at Naperville area Ulta Beauty stores

Mugshots of three women charged in thefts at beauty stores
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Three Chicago women were arrested outside of a Naperville Ulta Beauty store on Wed. Oct. 4, for allegedly stealing merchandise from that shop, as well as two others in the area.

Suspects in thefts at two other Ulta Beauty shops

Naperville police had been alerted by law enforcement from neighboring jurisdictions about thefts at two other Ulta Beauty stores on that day, according to a press release. The suspects in those cases had reportedly been driving a black Mercedes.

Naperville detectives spotted the black Mercedes on Wednesday around 2 p.m. outside of the Ulta store at 2707 Aurora Ave. According to the news release, they saw three women exit the car and go inside the store. They recognized the three as matching the descriptions of the suspects from the earlier crimes that day.

When the women exited the store, they were allegedly carrying baskets of stolen merchandise. Police then blocked their vehicle and arrested them.

Charges of theft and burglary

Jayla M. Alston, 20, Skylar L. Escoe, 19, and Darielle L. Wrice, 19, were all charged with two counts each of felony retail theft and one count of felony burglary.

Wrice faces an additional charge of attempted criminal damage to government property, as she allegedly hit a Naperville police vehicle with the Mercedes when she was trying to flee. She was also charged with driving without a valid license/permit.

The three were all released on pre-trial release. However, police say they are checking into whether the three have connections to any other thefts in the area, and say that additional charges are pending.

Photo courtesy: Handout, Naperville Police Department. (l to r, Jayla M. Alston, Darielle L. Wrice, Skylar L. Escoe) If you have a story idea, we want to hear from you!