Chriskindlmarket Denied Extra Funding

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Organizers for Naper Settlement’s Christkindlmarket will have to find other means to help further fund their seasonal event in town.

That’s because City Council denied their request for more funds to be awarded to them through the city’s SECA grant-money collected from a one percent city-wide food and beverage tax which is then doled out to special events and cultural amenities in town.

Organizers of Christkindlmarket requested an additional $15,000 from the city to staff police officers at the event next season. However, the council kept the funding amount at the original recommendation of around $45,000.

Council will distribute about $1 million dollars in discretionary SECA funds among about 50 organizations.

Christkindlmarket didn’t request any SECA funding for their first year in town.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.