Comedian Rajiv Satyal in Naperville

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Man in the Middle

A round of laughs filled the room at Center Stage Theater, as comedian Rajiv Satyal visited Naperville to perform his new show: Man in the Middle.

The show is about the comedian’s take on today’s political climate. Through his personal experiences, he helps the audience understand why he’s the man in the middle.

“My director and I were talking about that. He’s like, just make sure it’s 100 percent human. And people should feel like they got to know you. And not necessarily your take on wealth and equality. Like, they can get that on YouTube,” said Satyal. “Give them something they can’t get elsewhere, which is your personal stories. So I think I want people to take something away that we really should moderate, we should come to the middle.”

Comedy Act

His nontraditional approach to stand-up comedy by using props and lighting cues made the show more of a performance than a stand-up comedy act.

He also added elements of his Indian heritage, which influence his political take on topics of today.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.