Coworking spaces in Naperville offer collaboration and camaraderie

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Patti Minglin is the founder and CEO of Go Girl Communications. During COVID she ran her business through her home office, but now, she operates it in a number of spots, including a coworking space at Naperville’s Go Brewing, a primarily nonalcoholic brewery.

“Sometimes you need, especially as an entrepreneur, to be in a space where you can be a little bit more creative,” said Minglin. “It feels different than your house space. Here is just a really creative, more laid-back atmosphere, which I really enjoy.”

What is coworking?

Minglin is part of the new coworking movement, which involves remote workers from different companies and teams sharing a single working space. Many are drawn to the concept due to cost savings and a cut in their commute.

The number of coworking spaces in the U.S. has grown by about 55% in the last five years, and there are over one million people who currently use them, according to statistics from job aggregation site Zippia.

These growing numbers played a part in Go Brewing offering both inside and outside space to remote workers.

“We’re making a bigger push to have people come in during the day,” said Brand Champion at Go Brewing Erin Kasch. “It’s a great space. There’s plenty of electricity around the bar, so it’s been nice to have people come in, be able to plug in, and stay all day instead of sitting around a coffee shop.”

Enclave arrives in downtown Naperville

Some Naperville businesses are specifically geared for the practice, like Enclave Coworking, which opened at 218 S. Main Street last month.

Remote workers can pay for access to a coworking lounge, conference rooms, and private offices.

“We really wanted to provide a space where we could facilitate conversation, networking, connection, and collaboration,” said Head of Sales and Marketing at Enclave Coworking Ariana Serna. “And I think Naperville is a place that so far has been really impressive to us, and so we’re really excited to welcome the community into our space.”

NaperLaunch closes in on a decade in Naperville

Just a block away from Enclave, Nichols Library has offered a coworking space called NaperLaunch since 2014.

Located on the library’s upper level, 24 seats are available to anyone from entrepreneurs to tutors. NaperLaunch is free to use, and no reservation or library card is necessary.

“It just provides a quiet space where people can come in and do some work,” said Business Librarian at the Naperville Public Library Lindsay Harmon. “You can work independently or with other people.”

Staying social while getting the job done

As for Minglin, though Go Brewing is her usual Friday spot for business, she also holds brainstorming sessions for her company at other coworking facilities around Naperville, including Office Evolution.

No matter the space, it’s the social aspect she says that makes it worth stepping out of her home office.

“For me, it’s being around other people, even if we’re not talking, we are working in the same space,” said Minglin. “You get that office feel you used to have when you worked for a company.”

Getting recharged with others, in a collaborative coworking space.

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