D204’s New Metrics To Decide Whether To Say in Remote

D204’s New Metrics To Decide Whether To Say in Remote
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As Indian Prairie School District 204 prepares to make the transition from remote learning to a hybrid-learning model next week, the district is looking at new metrics to make the switch.

New Metrics

The district said last night at a school board meeting it would not switch into remote learning if all three of the following were met: DuPage County Health Department has designated the county as being in the Substantial Community Transmission category for three consecutive weeks; weekly county case counts of 100,000 have shown a continued rise for three weeks; and data gathered from Northwestern University about IPSD zip codes reflect a 7-day rolling positivity average that is equal or higher than 12% or the county’s average.

“Any good organization is about continuous improvement and about the need to reflect and respond”, said Superintendent Dr. Adrian Talley. “We will continue to follow the science as we have done all year.”

Previous Metrics

Previously the district made its decisions on being remote or not based on the DuPage County Health Department’s metrics.

The data that was presented last night will allow the district to transition into its hybrid model next week.

“It is important to know we might be forced to go to remote only based upon metrics”, said Talley.

Other Metrics

The district said in an email it will also be evaluating its own data when they make their decision to opt-in or out of remote learning.

According to D204 those metrics will include: outbreaks that cannot be contained or mitigated by the district’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team; the inability of the district’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team to respond to a significant surge in the number of cases in the district; available supply of PPE; and adequate staff available to provide instruction and operate schools.

The district will notify the community on where the metrics are weekly, which will be on Mondays or Tuesday as information is available.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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