Dementia-Friendly Naperville

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A group in Naperville has set a new goal for the community – making Naperville a Dementia-friendly city.

The Dementia-Friendly Naperville Action Group was started by members of the Naperville Senior Task Force with the goal of making Naperville more accommodating both to those with dementia and their caregivers.

A Longterm Commitment

“Dementia-friendly simply means that you’re aware and that you’ve begun the journey and you’ve got the programs in place and you’re committed to carrying it forward,” said Jim Hill, a co-chair of the Naperville Senior Task Force.

The group invited members of government organizations like the Naperville Police Department and Naperville Park District to discuss how they can help.

Ways to Help

Some options are utilizing Naper Notify to locate dementia patients who wander off or furthering education about dementia.

“The first thing is to train people who might interact or encounter caregivers or people with dementia,” said Hill. “And then beyond that, we heard a lot this morning about programming opportunities for people with dementia to get out in the community and also to provide programming and respite for caregivers.”

The first step on the journey to a Dementia-Friendly Naperville.

For more information on what makes a dementia-friendly community, Hill recommends visiting the Dementia-Friendly America website.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.