Downtown Naperville kicks off Halloween early with the annual Halloween Hop

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Many families dressed up early for Halloween on Sunday for Downtown Naperville’s annual Halloween Hop, hosted by the Downtown Naperville Alliance

Trick-or-treating before Halloween

“So this is the annual Downtown Naperville Halloween Hop. We do this every year, it’s usually the Sunday before Halloween, and it’s a chance for kids to come out and trick-or-treat door-to-door at our Downtown Naperville businesses. We’ve done it for decades, and it’s always one of the happiest days of the year, said Katie Wood, the interim Executive Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance.

Many families came out to the event to enjoy the Halloween festivities.

“I know the businesses report giving away sometimes thousands of pieces of candy. So to be safe, we closed the roads, the interior streets [of] Downtown Naperville, so people can really wander and explore the downtown,” said Wood. 

Wide range of costumes

Kids and parents showed up to the event in a wide variety of costumes. 

“We’re seeing some adorable costumes all around here. A little bundled up because it’s a little cold, but it’s so festive to see even someone like this cute little one right here and so many around. We even have a special guest in Willy Wonka [who] is actually here today,” said Wood. 

“Such an amazing community here. Incredible event and exciting not just for the kids, but for the parents alike. Great events here, and hey, I found a golden ticket,” said Bill Chval, Willy Wonka. 

Giving out lots of candy and other goodies

Attending the Halloween Hop not only gives kids a chance to trick-or-treat twice but there are also goodies for parents. 

“Most stores are giving out candy, but a lot of stores are also giving out treats for the parents to encourage them to come back for the holidays. So whereas the kids might get a candy piece, the parents might get a great coupon to come back and shop those businesses for the holidays,” said Wood. 

There were also other activities for guests to enjoy.

“And so also as part of this event, we have free face painting at Pinots Palette going on. We also have free trick-or-treat trolley rides. There’s two trolleys circling downtown today and kids can hop on and jump off with their parents, of course, and have a free trolley ride around downtown,” said Wood.

Safe family fun for the Naperville community

This is all part of the Downtown Naperville Alliance’s goal of providing a safe and fun day to the community. 

“This is indeed one of the favorite days of the year for the Downtown Naperville Alliance. That’s the organization that puts this on, and it’s just such a happy day. There’s no expectation except just joy in giving out treats and allowing families to come enjoy their town,” said Wood. 

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