Duck Donuts makes Naperville debut with grand opening on Saturday

Assortment of doughnuts at Duck Donuts
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There’s a new made-to-order doughnut shop opening near the corner of Route 59 and 95th Street in Naperville that hopes to have the duckiest doughnuts in town.

First Naperville location for Duck Donuts

Exterior of Duck Donuts shopDuck Donuts opens to the public on Saturday, July 29. Its shop at 3124 Route 59 is the first Naperville location for the international doughnut chain, and its second in Illinois.

It comes to town thanks to Naperville franchise owner Kevon Gardner. Gardner, a long-time Naperville resident, got a taste of the chain’s doughnuts about two and a half years ago in Arizona and was hooked.

“Long story short, I came back here and I just knew, I just knew that Naperville had something like this. And when I found out that we didn’t, I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to, have to, have to bring this to my city so that everyone can enjoy it,’” said Gardner.

Made-to-order doughnuts

Dozen doughnuts from Duck DonutsGardner says what makes the doughnuts at Duck Donuts unique is that they are made-to-order, and each one comes fresh and warm.

“We do not drop batter until you actually order our doughnuts. So we are excited to offer you a fresh, ready-made product that you actually get to customize. If you want bacon on a doughnut, we’ll put bacon. If you want frosting on a doughnut, we’ll put frosting. Any type of toppings or customization,” said Gardner.

The shop offers more than 20 different add-ons, whether coatings, toppings, or drizzles, which can then be put together into any number of combinations atop its base vanilla doughnut. And Gardner says, “a good customer would try them all.”

For those having a hard time putting together their flavors, the shop offers some popular pre-set combos for customers to choose from. It also serves up coffee drinks, milkshakes, doughnut sundaes and doughnut breakfast sandwiches.

First customer gets free doughnuts for a year

For the store’s grand opening on Saturday, there will be some special deals for the earliest of customers.

The first customer in line will get free doughnuts for an entire year, with customers two through 50 each treated to two dozen free doughnuts and a box of coffee.

“We expect a lot of people. So if you’re interested in free donuts for a whole year, you better get here early because I already know personally four or five people that are vying for that offer,” said Gardner

The grand opening kicks off at 6 a.m. on July 29.

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