DuPage County Animal Services Holds Large Dog No-Fee Adoption Event

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DuPage County Animal Services will have a special deal on October 15, waiving adoption fees for its large breed dogs.

“Chicago Dog Campaign”

It’s all part of the “Chicago Dog Campaign,” a collaborative effort between 12 area shelters. “Chicago Dogs” are defined as dogs living within the Chicagoland area that weigh 40 lbs. or more.

“We’ve joined with eleven other organizations in the area to champion the large breed dogs that spend a longer time in shelters, leading to increased stress on the dogs and limiting the number of animals we can serve.  Our goal is to shine a light on these dogs and showcase what great pets they can be, while providing the important education that potential owners need to make each adoption a success story,” said Brian Krajewski, Chairman of the DuPage County Animal Services Committee.

Large Dogs Make Great Pets

The campaign itself is a month long, and meant to highlight what great pets large dogs can be. Through positive press, and this special one day no-fee event, the hope is to help the growing number of large dogs in shelters throughout the region get adopted. It also promotes fostering and advocacy for dogs in the 40 plus weight bracket. Large dogs can often be harder for shelters to place, due to their size and breed.

More information about the campaign is available on the Chicagoland Humane Coalition website.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.

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