DuPage County Scanner Helps Identify Contraband In Jail

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The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office has a new tool for performing full body scans.

Body Scanner

The Tek-84 Intercept X-ray imaging system can be used to check suspects for firearms, knives, drugs, or any other security threats, all in just four seconds.

Once the scan is complete, objects like a badge and microphone show up on a screen a different shade of color than that of a person’s body.

“And there’s the scan,” said Sheriff James Mendrick pointing to his body scan images. “This is why it’s so important. What this is right here is a bullet. That was hidden behind several layers of our thickest belt and it penetrated it like the belt wasn’t even there.”

What Else Can It Do?

The $150,000 machine is meant to stop demeaning body searches on inmates entering the jail. In addition, it can also scan other things besides people.

“The soft surface mattresses can be abused to hide contraband. So we’re also planning on bringing mattresses and put them through the machine to get and existing contraband out of the environment,” said Mendrick.

Already Paying Off

The body scanner has already paid off as the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office caught someone trying to smuggle narcotics inside the jail.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.