Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt hops into action

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The Naperville Park District hopped off the Easter weekend with its annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday Night.  The event takes place during the week before Easter every year at Knoch Knolls Park.   

What is the Naperville Park District’s flashlight Easter egg hunt?

“Tonight is our annual Flashlight Egg Hunt”, said Park District Volunteer and Events Manager Becca Krzyszkowski.  “We try to hit in between grade-schoolers and teenagers before they hit high school, but since COVID, we’ve split it into two, so we’ll have two different egg hunts tonight, one at 7:45 pm and one at 8:40pm. 

A total of 160 kids registered for the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt and were split into two groups of 80. Each child found a special mystery prize in every egg they collected.

Prizes inside each egg from Naperville businesses 

“So, depending on the number of kids that are registered for each hunt, they’ll have anywhere from about 20-25 eggs that each of them will collect,” said Krzyszkowski.  “Then they’ll bring them back here to the nature center, they’ll empty their eggs out on the deck, they find prizes and slips with prize descriptions on them, so we’ll turn them in and actually redeem their prizes here at the end of the night.” 

Raising Canes, Andy’s Ice Cream and many more local favorites are part of the prizes

The prizes for the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt ranged from easter candy to coupons at local venues.  

“We have a lot of great sponsorship prizes out there”, said Krzyszkowski.  “Some free meals at Raising Canes, we have Andy’s Ice Cream, we also have Whirlyball in there, and then some experiences with the Park District, so, using the paddleboats down at the paddleboat quarry, and a free beach pass for the day as well, and of course candy, there’s always candy”.   

Naperville News 17’s Matt Lauterbach reports. 

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