Fly fishing on the Riverwalk in Naperville with Nick Ciraulo

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With the spring season in full swing, locals are heading down to the Riverwalk for a relaxing day in downtown Naperville.

Downers Grove resident Nick Ciraulo says one of his favorite pastimes is to grab his reel and tackle box, and head down to the DuPage River for some fly fishing.

“I usually come out maybe like once every two months or so, but I used to come down almost every weekend,” said Ciraulo. “Usually by myself, but occasionally, now since getting married, my wife will come down with me as well.”

Fishers can typically find sunfish, bass, and crappie in the DuPage River, according to the Naperville Park District.

How Ciraulo started fly fishing

Ciraulo has always enjoyed fishing, but he has become immersed in the world of fly fishing recently.

“There was a fly fishing rod and reel that was in my parent’s garage,” said Ciraulo. “I picked it up one day and said, ‘You know what? I think it’s time to learn.’ And I did nothing but teach myself how to cast for an entire year before I even met the water. I was already into regular fishing at the time and I said, ‘This might be a nice arsenal to have in my back pocket.’ So I decided to give it a go, and it’s been great.”

Ciraulo recommends anyone interested in fly fishing to learn the basics before heading out to the water.

“Practice, practice, practice,” said Ciraulo. “And that comes with not practicing out in the water. Find an open field and do nothing but learn all the different kinds of casts that you can do.”

Luckily for Ciraulo, his afternoon on the Riverwalk ended with a bit of luck.

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