Free Wi-Fi Now at Several Park District Locations

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The Naperville Park District has now added complimentary Wi-Fi at several of its locations.

If you’re out at Centennial Beach or its grill, The Riverwalk Café, Fort Hill Activity Center, or Knoch Knolls Nature Center, getting online will be a breeze.

“I think it is just part of our mission to try to get people out, whether it’s with or without technology. How many people are wearing smart watches and smart bands and all of these things? It’s just another approach to try to get people to interact with the Naperville Park District a little bit better,” said Omar Sandoval, the park district IT director.

It’s an addition residents and park district board members requested for some time. Planning the Wi-Fi hookup started in August of 2016, but as the process took many moving parts, the systems didn’t launch until this year.

The Wi-Fi connection is thanks to a five-year partnership the park district struck up with WOW! and Digital Lobby.

The park district is looking to add Springbrook and Naperbrook golf courses and Rotary Hill into the Wi-Fi mix by the end of this October.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.