Fun and Food Trucks event takes place at Whalon Lake

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Friday evening, the Forest Preserve District of Will County kicked off its Fun and Food Trucks event at Whalon Lake.

More about the Fun and Food Trucks event

“Today we’re out at Whalon Lake. This is our first fun and food truck event for the summer. We have three this summer with the Forest Preserve District of Will County. We’re out here in Naperville slash Bolingbrook for our first event. We have live music, which you might hear in the background. We have three food trucks. We have a specialty beverage trucks that we have Tapville social out serving drinks. We have a bouncy house, all kinds of lawn games, giveaways, all kinds of fun stuff out here at Whalon Lake with a beautiful lake view,” said Forest Preserve District of Will County Recreation Coordinator Jen Guest.

“We’ve had over 500 people here already. So in the past we’ve had anywhere between five and 800 people show up to our food truck events. We always have lots of parking, lots of fun to be had, delicious food…” Guest said.

Fun and Food Trucks gets people outside

“…We’re getting you outside. We’re giving you a chance to have a positive experience outside. You know, it doesn’t always have to be something so structured like a nature program or hike, and this is gives you a nice chance to get in our preserves. Some people have never been to our Will County preserves, and we have about 23,000 acres of land now in the county. So it’s nice to get out to some of them and offer events like this and then sometimes people would just see the food truck like that draws them and then they find out like, oh, there’s all these great events the forest reserve does. They come to our info booth, find out about all the different preserves they can go to that just fosters a relationship with the community to get them out in our preserves more because we want people using our preserves,” said Guest.

Fun and Food Trucks will also take place at Hammel Woods in Shorewood on July 7, and at Hickory Creek Preserve in Mokena on August 4 this summer.

For more information visit their website here.

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