Gluten-free Korean-based restaurant BIBIBOP opening in Naperville Thursday

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Bowls will soon be filling up at the new BIBIBOP location in Naperville.

What is BIBIBOP?

“BIBIBOP is a Korean-based restaurant, and we come from the idea of bibimbap, which in Korea, it just means a rice dish. We are 100% gluten-free and it’s 80% vegetarian,” said Javier Salazar, general manager of BIBIBOP in Naperville.

Customers start by picking a base for their bowl, followed by their choice of cold and warm toppings. They then select their preferred protein, topping it all off with one of the several sauce options.

“You decide what you want. We’re here for you,” said Salazar.

BIBIBOP also offers extras like their Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies.

“Another popular option is our teas [and] our lemonades. So we do serve teas fresh daily. We have Omija, we have passion fruit, we have many different kinds, and it’s very popular for our customers to mix and match them,” said Salazar.

Opening day specials

The Naperville location at 1309 S. Naper Blvd will be the fast-casual chain’s seventh in the Chicagoland area. Doors open on Thursday, Feb 22, at 11 a.m., with many opening day specials. 

“The first 100 guests in line are going to receive free BIBIBOP for a year. Every week, they have an option to get one bowl for free for an entire year, which is huge,” said Salazar.

Teachers and civic employees will also receive a free bowl by showing a valid ID. Customers wearing orange on opening day will receive $5 off their meal.

“It’s really all about community, Naperville is about community. Everyone’s really together and bringing that togetherness into the community, I believe that we’re going to be welcomed,” said Salazar.  “I believe that this is something where it’s going to be a win-win between the community and between BIBIBOP, and we’re really here just to serve.”

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