Granger Middle School Principal named Illinois Middle School Principal of the Year

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Granger Middle School Principal Allan Davenport was named Illinois Middle School Principal of the Year by the Illinois Principals Association. 

The school celebrated his accomplishment with a little surprise.

Granger surprises principal

“I got to be honest with you. I was just at a meeting at the district office. I walked in, Miss Lewis said there was a fight down at the gym. I ran down here, thank goodness there’s not a fight. Thank you, guys, for that, I appreciate it,” said Davenport.

“There’s always going to be a little white lie for something like this because you want to keep it as quiet as possible from the principal. So Brad Hillman, the assistant supervisor for middle school, organized all of this. [He] came up with the plan [and] worked with the assistant principals here so that we could surprise Mr. Davenport,” said Dr. Adrian Talley, Superintendent of Indian Prairie School District 204.

Allan Davenport named Middle School Principal of the Year

Last year, Davenport was named DuPage Region Middle School Principal of the Year. Out of 21 principals from other regions, he was selected as the Illinois middle school principal of the year.

“His heart is in middle school. He truly believes in serving the children and staff at [Granger] Middle School. Ensuring that they have the best learning environment here, working collaboratively with staff, parents, and getting to know his children,” said Dr. Talley. 

“It’s the great kids and teachers that I work with because, again, I can have great ideas and visions of things, but unless the teachers put it into action and the kids respond to it, then it doesn’t matter. So again, this is really just a testament to the great people that I work with,” said Davenport.

Photo Courtesy: Indian Prairie School District 204

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