Groups Unite In Effort To Help Naperville Tornado Victims

House and Tree damage from June 2021 Naperville tornado
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A group of Naperville women has partnered with a local nonprofit to raise funds to help those affected by the tornado that hit Naperville on June 20, 2021.

$1.5 Million Fundraising Goal

The mom group known as Ranch View Area Community Assistance has teamed up with M.P. Foundation, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Their goal is to raise $1.5 million over the next five months to help clean remaining debris from yards of those whose were in the tornado’s path.

The money will be spent in part to help clear out the wood, metal and glass shards left behind by the storm’s impact, then replace the contaminated soil with clean soil. Landscaping fixes would also be a goal. Some of those types of clean up efforts are not covered by insurance.

Partnership Sprang From Appeal At Council Meeting

The pairing of the two groups came about after one of the women in the Ranch View group made an appeal at a Naperville City Council meeting to help find a nonprofit partner for the cause. Doing so would open up a path to apply for grant money and provide an extra layer of accountability for funds donated..

Selvei Rajkumar, a co-founder of M.P. Foundation, told the Chicago Tribune she had heard the appeal, prompting her to reach out. M.P. Foundation’s mission is to empower parents, teachers and community leaders in order to help them make a positive impact on children, giving them the best start for a successful future.

Naperville Tornado Relief Formed

The joining of Ranch View Area Community Assistance and the M.P. Foundation has resulted in the newly named Naperville Tornado Relief, created to apply for grants, collect donations, and share information.

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