Harmony Park Proposed for Riverwalk

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At the latest Riverwalk Commission meeting, the ­­­­possibility of a ‘harmony park’ on the Riverwalk was discussed.

The park would contain percussion instruments, like drums and xylophones, for people of all ages to play.

The commission’s job will be to decide if such a park would be appropriate for the Riverwalk.

“How noisy is it? Is it in the right location, does it fit with park district needs and special events needs? Does it fit within the overall vision of our Riverwalk mission?” said Riverwalk Commission Chairman Geoff Roehll, considering some of the questions they have to answer.

The idea was brought forward by Naperville’s Rotary Clubs, who have offered to help pay for the project.

Any development would also need to be approved by the Naperville Park District and City Council.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.