Heist at Naperville’s Public Library

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What was stolen?

A manuscript has gone missing at the Naper Boulevard Library and experts see no sign of forced entry – labeling it an inside job. And library officials have no choice but to call on the best to crack the case.

The entire library is the crime scene,” said Shoshana Frank, the program’s director. “The children’s area, adult area, computer lab, teen space, the early learning facility literally everywhere.”

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Who was on the case?

Crime solvers from around the community interrogated eight suspects at the library’s special Crime Time: Criminal Caper event. Clues from the burglar’s trail were scattered throughout the crime scene.

Participants were encouraged to use their phones to find out mystery clues some suspects gave.

“We found different text messages and different codes to be broken,” said Gene Palagi, a crime solver.

“I liked the physicality that we had to find and the different decipher that we had to do,” added Karen Palagi, also a crime solver.

Detectives sorted through their evidence to try and figure out the caper.

“So Jane left and she wasn’t supposed to, but Jane claims she used her Starbucks [card] and the police have that record,” said one crime solver.

“We don’t think it’s Nicki Sparks because why,” a detective asked.

“Because she wasn’t in work over the weekend she came in the day after the weekend,” said the detective.

What was the reward for the heroic efforts?

The best crime solvers got their choice of, quite fittingly, a mystery book.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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