Hidden Details In Naperville Art League’s Public Art Contest

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Glyphs carved into stone formations, an open mouth amongst vibrant colors, and a handwritten story hidden in a futuristic city.

These were just a few interpretations of “Hidden Detail,” the theme of the Naperville Art League’s 15th annual public art competition.

“It’s up to the artists how they interpret it, so we saw a variety of interpretations in that theme,” said Linda VanderKolk, president of the Naperville Art League.

And so long as they could connect to the theme, artists could use any medium they wanted.

So the gallery had everything from lifelike paintings, to woodcarvings, to mosaic tile, to abstract work.

One artist created an abstract rendition of Trisomy 13, an often-fatal birth defect.

“If the extra chromosome is there, it’s dysfunctional in the person’s body. That little detail is a red dot in the painting,” said Patricia Melakus, director of exhibitions and artist of Trisomy 13.

Hidden details made for the largest public art competition in the Naperville Art League’s history, with 81 pieces on display in their gallery.

“One piece of art per person, and as you can see there are high quality artists in our neighborhood,” said Vanderkolk.

Hidden details, but a prominent display of local artistic talent.

The next art show at the Naperville Fine Art Gallery will be themed “Emojiis.”

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.