Hundreds of new laws going into effect locally, statewide in IL on Jan. 1  

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The turning of the calendar from one year to the next traditionally means scores of new laws going into effect across Illinois. The beginning of 2024 is no exception, with more than 300 new pieces of legislation becoming law — many impacting Naperville.

The new laws touch on a range of issues, including the continued minimum wage increase and new provisions for the migrant community seeking homes to rent and purchase. Below are 10 laws that generated attention during the Illinois General Assembly’s most recent legislation session.


The banning of books in public libraries will not be permissible, as House Bill 2789 goes into effect, following Gov. J. B. Pritzker’s signature on the legislation. Pritzker and the General Assembly touted the measure, pointing out its first-in-the-nation status.

HB 2789 gives the state librarian the authority to prohibit banning specific books and resources. The law also stipulates local libraries and library systems need to have on file a written statement prohibiting book banning to receive state grants.

Criminal justice

Offenders under the age of 21 cannot receive life sentences without parole for criminal acts, as House Bill 1064 goes into effect. Anyone currently sentenced and incarcerated to a life sentence committed as a minor or young adult is retroactively privy to the benefits of the new law.


Newly constructed homes, apartments, condominiums and other residential developments within Naperville and elsewhere in Illinois are now required to have electric vehicle infrastructure in place.

House Bill 0384 mandates developers and homebuilders install EV outlets in parking spaces for each residential unit.


There are a number of new laws linked to cigarette consumption, drugs and mental health resources hitting the state law books in the new year.

In an attempt at keeping prescription drug costs in check, House Bill 3957 is taking effect Jan. 1. It requires drug manufacturers and distributors to refrain from price gouging on the sale of generic and off-patent drugs deemed “essential.”

House Bill 1540 updates the state’s laws on smoke-free public spaces. In addition to the long-held bans on cigarette smoking, HB 1540 broadens and modernizes the law, adding electronic cigarettes to the list as well as vaping has grown in popularity.

In response to mounting mental health concerns in recent years, House Bill 2847, or the Mental Health and Wellness Act, provides more consumer protections for mental health and wellness visits to licensed clinicians and practitioners. A no-cost allowance will be made available, alongside standard annual physical examinations.


In the new year, Illinois’ minimum wage will continue a phased, multi-step increase that began from legislation adopted a year ago. On Jan. 1, the minimum wage will increase from $13 to $14 per hour, while tipped workers must receive at least $8.40 per hour, up from the $7.80 per hour rate in 2023. Minors working less than 650 hours in the calendar year will have a base wage of $12, up from the 2023 rate of $10.50 per hour.

Senate Bill 0208, which expands paid leave benefits for employees, also is going into effect on Jan. 1. The law, which impacts nearly all employees across the state, stipulates employers must offer at least 40 hours of paid leave annually.


As the migrant population grows in Naperville and other communities across Illinois, new housing provisions are being extended to the community. Going forward, landlords will be required to rent and sell property to non-citizen migrants as an outgrowth of Senate Bill 1817.


Schools within Naperville District 203, Indian Prairie District 204 and all other Illinois districts are now required, as of Jan. 1, to have in place an emergency and crisis response plan for each building.

House Bill 3559 requires schools to make the plans available to law enforcement, in the event the authorities need to enter a building in the event of an emergency situation.

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