Illinois Muslim Chamber of Commerce hosts the first-ever Naperville Halal Fest

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The Illinois Muslim Chamber of Commerce is hosting its first-ever Naperville Halal Fest at Frontier Sports Complex from noon until 9 pm. The new festival’s objective is to showcase the diverse arts and cultures of Muslims worldwide and in North America. The festival features opportunities to indulge in a rich array of experiences, including food, traditional attire, arts, and cultural exhibits, including horses and camel rides.

The meaning behind the Naperville Halal Fest

The Illinois Muslim Chamber of Commerce (ILMCC) organization is a nonprofit that seeks to encourage economic growth and development within the Muslim community.

“This organization needs to support and help and connect between the Muslim businesses so that they can grow. So putting together this event, we are giving an opportunity, especially for the small businesses in the community, to come together, have a platform where they can showcase their services. Food vendors, over here, we have around 20 food vendors to give them an opportunity so that they can present their products, their food to the larger community,” said ILMCC President Shafeek Abubaker.

What does Halal mean?

The word Halal often refers to food that, according to the Quran and Islamic law, Muslims are permitted to eat based on how it is prepared. Yet, Halal is a term and a philosophy Muslims live by daily.

“Muslims are very particular about their food products. So they need the food, the meat to be slaughtered, the animals to be slaughtered in a certain way, and so that is what halal is, but halal is not just limited to food. It’s also bigger than that,” said Abubaker.

Naperville Halal Fest aims to grow over time

The Naperville Halal Fest will be an annual festival taking place every year. With thousands of attendees participating in the event, the festival looks to continue growing and expanding its footprint in the Naperville community.

“This is the annual inaugural event. And even with adverse weather like this, we are seeing a good crowd coming in. So that is inspiring us to do this event year after year,” said Abubaker.

Naperville City Councilman Benny White also attended the event in support of the inaugural event.

“It’s absolutely very well-organized. Great vendors can’t wait to get into some of the foods I’m about to eat here in the second, and it’s a great venue,” said White.

The Naperville Halal Fest will continue until 9 pm Saturday. For more information, visit the Illinois Muslim Chamber of Commerce website.

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