Inaugural Asian Heritage event comes to Naperville

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The Inaugural Asian Heritage Festival host by The Alliance of Indian Americans of the Naperville Area was held on Saturday, May 18, 2024 at the Mall of India.  

“So we decided in order to give people a full experience of these cultures, we will not only have cultural boards where people will get to talk to people who represent that culture,” said AIANA President Madhu Uppal.  “We also have culinary experiences, so we have five different food experiences for people to enjoy and of course we have performances.”

Inaugural Asian Heritage event celebrates different cultures in Naperville

People of all backgrounds gathered to attend the event and celebrate different cultures.“So it is a way for people to come together, and to us that was the most important thing and to make new friends along the way, and we wanted our Indian community and the Asian community and the non-Asian community to see that we are one community and that is what makes us strong,” said Uppal.

The festival is one of the earliest events in the short history of AIANA and is hopeful for the future.  

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

“We saw value in this event, and we didn’t know if other people shared our value,” said Uppal.  “But what I found was that people are, looking for an opportunity to make new friends,” said Uppal.  

A day of bringing people together to celebrate a new heritage event.

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