KidsMatter’s Mindfulness Matters Month

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KidsMatter is teaching teens tranquility techniques with help from the 28-member non-profit coalition Collaborative Youth Team.

All month long, the organization’s “Mindfulness Matters” campaign sends out weekly messages on social media that focus on different types of mindfulness TIPS- or tranquility, intentional, presence, and sensory experience.

“Well we found that 61 percent of all teens are actually enduring a lot of stress and anxiety. And so we thought with this mindfulness campaign that could really help those individuals because 48 percent of [them] say they’re struggling mentally as well. So we’re kind of hoping that if we can bring attention to this subject matter I think people might just take that month to be mindful,” explained Dusty Holoubek, the director of marketing for KidsMatter.

The campaign began specifically for the season of standardized testing.

With this and “Mindfulness Matters” month, KidsMatter is also hosting “Stress Less For The Test” seminars, to teach students how to unwind their mind before taking exams.

“It might be helpful for going into high school next year and make the transition a little easier,” said eighth grader Gerald Osterhaus.

“And there’s been a lot of talk about SATs coming up and test taking for standardized tests, and then also I thought it would just help him with the honors and PA classes that he’s going to be taking,” said Kristen Osterhaus, Gerald’s mom.

The group even participates in a stressful situation to practice the new techniques they learn.

The next “Stress Less For The Test” events will be held on March 19 at Waubonsie Valley and on March 20 at Naperville North.

And to cap off Mindfulness Matters month, KidsMatter is inviting families to Lou Malnati’s on April 8 for a day of mindfulness. Local student musicians will perform and 20 percent of your bill will go back to Collaborative Youth Team.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.