Library Book Returned by Flight Attendant

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Seema Goel assumed she lost her Naperville library book for good on a recent flight to India. So imagine her surprise when it turned back up thanks to a good samaritan.

“Hello, I am a United Airlines flight attendant. I found this book on my Chicago/London flight on December 22. I would like to return it to its home on Naperville shelves as I know it will grow homesick away from them,” said Seema, reading from a note paired with the book.

Seema was touched by the stranger’s kindness of returning the book and sweet note.

“I am glad there are people like this in the world,” she said. “It may seem like a very minute thing to some people. For me it’s somebody going way beyond what they need to do in their life. And they did it out of no expectation that they would get something back out of this.”

It’s an even sweeter message knowing that the borrowed book, titled The Lemon Grove, was a recommended read by Seema’s daughter Anika, a freshman at Neuqua Valley.

“It just had the storyline of the two boys and how they grew up. So I thought that maybe she’d enjoy that because she’s old and she thinks about those kind of childhood memories. And it’s pretty easy and quick so I recommended her to read it,” explained Anika.

As the book returns to circulation, Seema plans to pay the good deed forward. And she hopes to track down the United Airlines flight attendant, Lin Kullick, to thank her properly.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.