Little Friends Property Rezoning Delayed

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Several speakers came out to discuss the potential rezoning of land owned by Little Friends that North Central College is hoping to purchase.

The college is requesting to rezone the land bounded by School Street, Wright Street, Colombia Street, and Franklin Avenue to College/University. But with no public plans for what will be built on the land, residents in the area are concerned.

However, NCC representatives said because the college is viewing the property over a 50-100 year timeframe, they don’t want to commit to a specific plan for the site.

Concerns for Council

Council was wary to grant the rezoning.

“One of my concerns is that it could potentially be the last step for the council,” said Councilman Patrick Kelly. “Because of the wide parameters on the College/University Zoning, we would have no control over the parking situation and what is going to be built there.”

Historic Land

The land sits in the Naperville Historic District and also contains the Peter Kroehler Dormitory House.

The dais did not take action on the item, but the college said they will reach out to residents over the next two weeks to better understand their concerns.

The item will return to council chambers on June 18.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.