Local Celebrities Prepare to Take the Stage

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The competition is heating up as local Naperville notables prepare for this year’s Dancing with the Celebrities.

Nicor Gas Human Resources Director Dean Washington and his partner Paulina Struk said before the competition began they knew they’d bring it their all.

“We both already knew we were going to win this, whether you guys like it or not,” Struk said.

“We’re going for the win,” Washington said.

Washington and Struk think their salsa is going to get the win, but Top Golf Director of Operations Brett Hintz said he and his partner Brianna Miller have the competition in the bag.

“I know we’ll bring confidence,” Hintz said. “We’ll bring what we have, and the audience will love it.”

Cross Country Mortgage Naperville Branch Manager Matt Doyle and his partner Taylor Lovestead are sure their combo dance will win the crowd over.

“It’s a mix of a lot of different dances,” Lovestead said. “I kind of challenged him in that sense. I didn’t just give him one dance to work on, but it’s got a lot of energy. It’s a big crowd pleaser.”

Arranmore Farm owner Shannon Greene Robb and her partner Josh Torres are keeping their dance top secret, but she’s learning a lot.

“It’s been pretty good,” she said. “There’s definitely been some interesting parts. I’m definitely not feeling as young as I thought I was going to feel, but it’s great. It’s fun. We’re having a really good time.”

Some say dancing isn’t their sport.

“It’s way more challenging than I’d even given people credit for,” Doyle said.

But they all say benefitting the Community Career Center is a good cause.

“How they help the underemployed and unemployed get back on their feet or get jobs that are more ideally situated for them, I just think it’s a great cause and a great organization,” Washington said. “I’m happy to participate.”

Raising money and lifting spirits one step at a time.

The competition will take place Wednesday, September 20.

Next week we’ll introduce you to the remaining four dancing celebrities.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.