Lustgarten Foundation’s 12th Annual Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk

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“Today we’re down at the Riverwalk in Naperville, trying to raise funds for the Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research. So, it’s a fundraising walk, lots of families are out here that have been affected by pancreatic cancer. So, we’re out here to kind of give people hope and to make a difference today,” said walk co-lead Jennifer Tedrow.

Participants could either walk a 1.5k or a 5k. People of all ages and even some four-legged friends got some steps in for the cause.

12th Annual Walk

“This is our 12th year of running this event in Naperville. My partner Anne Zediker started this event 12 years ago with her family. I got involved about five years ago and so her and I now work together and pull this together each year and we have lots and lots of help from friends and family and tons of volunteers,” said Tedrow.

Some walk the event to help support the cause, while others walk for someone they love. 8-year-old Leah Kapcynski did it to honor her Nana.

“Because of how much she does for me and how nice she is,” said Leah Kapczynski, an 8-year-old participant.

Every year a donation goal is set. Tedrow and Zediker dream of eventually raising over one million dollars through the Naperville walk.

Donation Goals

“This year, we are hoping to hit $110,000, which would be a really incredible year for us. We’ve had a great turnout this year and really motivated teams that have really come through for us. This cause is so important to us because a hundred percent of the proceeds go directly toward research,” said Tedrow.

At the time of this recording the Naperville walk has already raised $113,900 and donations are still being accepted.

“We have our walk website. It’s still online. It will be open for another week or so. So, if you haven’t donated yet, we are happy to log in and take those there,” said Tedrow.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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