Maplebrook Elementary Students Help Dolostone Become Illinois State Rock

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Maplebrook Elementary School students have been working together with Pleasantdale Middle School to get Dolostone as Illinois’ official rock.

“Today is really a very special day. It’s the day that Dolostone becomes the official rock of Illinois,” said Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.

Governor Pritzker made the proclamation at Morton Arboretum, with a group of students from Naperville’s Maplebrook Elementary School and Burr Ridge’s Pleasantdale Middle School looking on. Students from both schools helped make this moment happen. Spurred by finding out Illinois had no official rock, they took action – creating a ballot for students across the state to vote and select one from three options.

“The process was we got to look at like what all about the three rocks. Like what they were, and how cool they were and stuff like that. And then I picked Dolostone because it was kind of left out because no one, it’s not known as well as limestone and sandstone,” said Max Napekoski, a 5th grader at Maplebrook Elementary.

Dolostone as the State Rock

Dolostone is a sedimentary rock, which forms the majority of Illinois’ bedrock. It now has a place in Illinois history. Thanks to the students’ efforts and a hand from State Senator Laura Ellman and State Representative Janet Yang Rohr.

Once House Bill 4261 was drawn up to make a state rock official, both teachers and students were excited to see their idea become lasting legislation.

Excitement from all involved

“We got the call, and we were so excited that we could actually see him sign this bill into law. I know the kids have been on summer break so the fact that we could even get some of our students here to actually see it being signed and meet Governor Pritzker was so memorable,” said Tanya Pardungkiattisak, a 4th grade teacher at Maplebrook Elementary.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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