Medal of Honor Vet Speaks at Naperville North

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Jim Cornelison, singer of the Chicago Blackhawk’s national anthem, stopped by Naperville North High School this morning to start their veteran’s day assembly.

What followed was a welcomed speaker, Vietnam War veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, Harvey C. Barnum Jr. He discussed his experiences as a Marine.

“Being a Marine is an awesome responsibility because you carry on your shoulders that proud tradition of hundreds of thousands of Marines that have gone before us in 242 years,” said Barnum. “And you don’t want to ever do anything to tarnish that wonderful history. You want to be the best you can, and that’s what being a Marine is all about.”

Barnum also left everyone with some life advice.

“When you try something and it doesn’t work, don’t quit. And if you make a mistake, admit it. Admit it to yourselves but learn from it.”

Following the speech was a Q & A with the vet, which made a lasting impression on students.

“I thought he was really passionate, and I think that really connected with the students a whole lot, and he gave us some great advice that we’ll really be able to use in the future.

“I thought it was really, really interesting, and it was really effective to see all the students stand up for something and be united over something like this.”

Afterwards, patriotic songs were performed on stage.

And Naperville North’s own vets stepped up to be recognized and thanked for their service.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.