Millie Bobby Brown visits Naperville’s Anderson’s Bookshop

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500 people lined up along Jefferson Ave. in downtown Naperville Sunday afternoon to meet Millie Bobby Brown at Anderson’s Bookshop, located at 123 W. Jefferson Ave.

“It’s just amazing that we have celebrities coming from I don’t know how far just to meet people,” said Maurice.

Hollywood star turned author

The star of “Stranger Things” and “Enola Holmes” was promoting her debut novel, “Nineteen Steps.” Tickets for Sunday’s book signing sold out within a half hour of being announced.

“This specific book is inspired by Millie’s grandmother’s experience during World War II in London during The Blitz,” said Director of Events and Marketing at Anderson’s Bookshop Ginny Wehrli-Hemmeter. “And that’s a really cool angle that not every book has. So I know it means a lot to the author, and that’s a great thing to be able to share that story with so many fans.”

Each event attendee received a signed copy of the book and was able to take a photo with Brown.

“It is a quick moment,” said Wehrli-Hemmeter. “But it is still an opportunity to say they’ve met somebody and get a professional photo to remind them of that memory for years to come.”

Emily and Lorelai were two of the first fans to meet the Hollywood star-turned-author.

“First impressions for me, I was immediately like ‘Oh my god, it’s Millie Bobby Brown, right there, ten feet away from me.’ Like my heart stopped for a second,” said Emily.

Lorelai even brought a gift for Brown.

“I just made a bracelet that said ‘Nineteen Steps’ on it, and she accepted it, and was really excited. I didn’t think she would, but I was really happy,” said Lorelai.

Brown visited Chicago for an event Sunday night and will wrap up her book tour in Atlanta on Wednesday.

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