Music Inspired by 2020

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Where words fail, music speaks and Naperville musicians have felt compelled to speak about current events through new songs.

Like the band “Stellar West” with their song “Next Year” and Greg Suhar, with “This Too Shall Pass”.

Both artists used the events of this year as inspiration, creating new tracks and recording them with local music studio Sound Summit.

“Music does a whole lot. It’s a welcoming way to hear a message, sometimes that message might be reaffirming to you and that’s what you need, and sometimes it might challenge you and that’s what you need,” said Charlie Dresser Owner of Sound Summit.

This Too Shall Pass

Greg Suhar, who’s been a musician for over 40 years, wrote “This Too Shall Pass” hoping to evoke positivity and strength, to help the world get through tough times as it has in the past.

“This so far has been a much bigger change, a much more drastic effect on everybody’s lives. When felt so badly moved by all the events I just felt like saying something. You know I just wanted there to be a song of hope, in all that darkness I just wanted to say something so that if anyone were to hear it someday, maybe it would give them that hope of hang in there we will get through this,” said Greg Suhar  Musician/Songwriter for “This Too Shall Pass”.

Next Year

Parker Belonio wrote and performed “Next Year” with his band “Stellar West” inspired by his experiences graduating high school in the class of 2020.

“It’s just weird, being a senior of course definitely I have lots of friends who are seniors and juniors that were like ‘yeah we’ll just have to be back next year’ but yeah us graduating through it, it was weird,” said Parker Belonio – Musician/Songwriter for “Next Year”.

Songs from two different musicians, both looking to inspire hope for the future.

“To feel better from a song, that’s the goal honestly, making people feel better from the music that you write.” said Belonio.

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.


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