Naperville bakery employing adults of all abilities now has storefront location

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After a few years of working out of a home kitchen, Moose & Me has opened a storefront in Naperville. 

“We wanted to expand into a physical location because the purpose of Moose & Me was to be able to create connections between adults with disabilities and our community. We wanted to marry those together and be able to create positive interactions within our community,” said Megan Elder, owner of Moose & Me. 

A family idea

The bakery came about thanks in part to Megan’s daughter Mila, nicknamed Moose.

“Moose & Me got started from an idea from when we first adopted our daughter Mila. She from a very young age loved to be with me in the kitchen baking,” said Elder. “Mila has Down syndrome and it was an activity that we could keep her contained and something that was fun and that she really enjoyed doing.”

From that hobby sprang the vision for a business.

“Seeing Mila enjoying the time in the kitchen and baking with us and then seeing the need for opportunities for adults with special needs, the idea of Moose & Me was born,” said Elder. 

The family started up shop in their home in 2020. Elder hired her first two employees, Jake and Michelle, to handle online orders. 

After a year, the family launched a fundraising campaign to open a physical location. Megan and her husband Justin both grew up in Naperville and felt it was the perfect home for the storefront. 

“We love this community. We also know that it has so many opportunities for growth and the support that we got from Naperville about wanting this type of establishment here, we knew that this was a good place to be,” said Elder.

Moose & Me providing opportunities to adults of all abilities

In October of 2023, Moose & Me found its new home at 3075 Book Rd Suite 151, making community connections from the start.

“So my favorite thing is just having people come in to test out our cookies and to feel like to be in your home and just having your desserts together with their family and friends,” said Michelle, a Moose & Me employee. 

The bakery has now grown from three staff members to seven.

“We’ve definitely been able to hire more, which has always been the goal, to hire as many adults with different abilities to be in here working,” said Elder. “To give them the jobs and give them purpose and give them success in their working environment.” 

Elder is proud of the business they’ve formed, with the motto “wonderfully made treats, by wonderfully made people.”

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