Naperville Celebrates 13th Holi Festival

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Colors were in the air at Naperville’s Rotary Hill for the annual Holi Festival of Colors hosted by Simply Vedic

What is Holi?

“We are celebrating Holi, the festival of colors. It is the Festival of Spring, which is originally from India and it comes every year and we have this in the springtime. It is me and my husband’s favorite festival and we kind of understood the message of this festival. So we decided that we should bring this purpose or message of this festival to the community,” said Simply Vedic Secretary Sarita Sharma.

 Colors is the main component of this festival, so people love to play with colors, so that’s why they come to play with colors,” said Sharma.

New and local attendees

The event brought in regulars and newcomers who were excited to witness all the beautiful colors. 

“I saw the pictures last year, and everyone was just covered head to toe, and there were smiles in every photo, and I just thought, that has to be a great way to usher in spring,” said First Time Attendee Katie Hart. 

“We could not wait to come back this year. The kids just have such a great time. They say when you throw the colors in the air, you throw your troubles into the air and start new. Take a new start for spring. I just think that’s such a great idea,” said Holi Festival Attendee 

Messy but fun

While it was a messy outcome, Sharma is hopeful this will bring the community much closer. 

“Enjoy each other, come out and play and enjoy each other, celebrate each other and celebrate humanity,” said Sharma.

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